Viña Abades
Identity, Packaging
Photography Patricia Izquierdo and Bruno Herrera
Abades is a company which has more than 25 years’ experience in the hospitality and tourism sectors. They have developed an expansion strategy throughout the entire southern area of the peninsula, which has transformed them into one of the leading companies of these sectors in Andalusia.
We have been entrusted with the design of the image of ‘Viña Abades’, a young white wine which carries the quality guarantee of ‘Condado de Huelva’. The idea was to pay tribute to Doña Dolores Arjona, a well-known painter and co-founder of the company alongside her husband.
It would have been impossible to do justice to the product using only one of her paintings, which is why we decided to convert each box of Viña Abades into an exhibition of her work. Six works of art, each one of an extremely floral nature, cover each bottle. There is an undeniable harmony between the pictures and the golden colour of the drink inside.
The result is an elegant, balanced, colourful combination which dignifies not only the work of art, but also its young companion inside the bottle.