Rufino 1949
Brand Identity, Packaging
Photography by Marietta Arco
Rufino 1949 is a brand of food products being produced in a traditional and artisanal way since almost 70 years. The oven of the family bakery gave rise to this company that, at present, stands out for its exquisite and original jams, canned food and related products.
We were entrusted with the task of redesigning both the brand and the several product lines, so that the new image combined both the tradition and the naturalness of the artisan, with the modernity and contemporaneity of the new flavors and gastronomic proposals.
The oven door of the original bakery is responsible for solving the project. This shape will be an element that accompanies the brand from the beginning, in all its expressions, as an allegory of the origin, of the made-by-hand, of what we want to endure: a door we want to keep open.