Repostería Lojeña Bakery. Pastries and doughnuts
Brand Identity, Pacakging
Photography by Marietta Arco
Video by Adrián Nieto Maesso
Repostería Lojeña is an artisan bakery since 1960. Ever since, they have mastered the elaboration process of the traditional pastries, cakes and biscuits of this region.
Loja’s traditional doughnuts and piononos are two of the best examples of what they do and what we did for them.
Loja’s doughnuts are special and unique, and Repostería Lojeña, following the original recipe, has lifted this gastronomy icon of the arab-andalusian gastronomy from regular to premium.
And the same happened to Piononos, small pastries traditional in Granada, named after Pope Pius IX Italian name “Pio Nono” to honor his visit to the historic place of Santa Fe on 1897.
Hence, brand identity and packaging had to go the same path and that is why we chose a luxury tin box and a graphic interpretation of the Islamic geometric patterns that can be found in The Alhambra palaces to allocate our premium doughnuts and piononos.