Juanito y Luisa. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Identity, Packaging, Illustration
Photography by SHOT
Juanito and Luisa: a married couple that embodies the maximum expression of love, sacrifice and work. Its restaurant, “Juanito”, located in Baeza (Jaén) is considered as an Andalusian gastronomic reference where Extra Virgin Olive Oil plays a primordial role in its cuisine.
Such is the importance of having a superb EVOO for their kitchen, that the family decided to invest on growing their own olive trees and to produce, with mime in their own mill, Viana, one of the most spectacular oils of the region.
To honor those who started this gastronomic adventure of excellence for palates, the heirs and current family business leaders have entrusted us to design the packaging of this unique Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Family Reserve.
The project concept is based on the most representative image of the couple that shows man and wife in the 50’s; a photograph that presides over the main hall of his restaurant. This image was interpreted through a synthesis illustration that comes to reflect how, from humility, simplicity, love and work, you can build success stories that transcend beyond the lives of their own protagonists.