Fecerico. Once 80 years pass. Campaign
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Graphic identity and campaign of awareness and solidarity with the drama of refugees through the lesson of Federico García Lorca and his artistic legacy, coinciding with the 80th anniversary of his death.
This event aims to raise awareness of the drama of refugees gaining from the persona of Lorca as an icon.
The plot: Thousands of people settle in refugee camps around the world, they are many and they are in different places, but they all must face a common hostile situation. We need to be aware that this is the great drama of the 21st century, as in the twentieth century were wars.
Federico García Lorca and his artistic legacy can serve as a link so that society can find the parallelism between the injustice committed with Lorca and the injustice that today the refugees are suffering from.
To emphasize these parallels, the Lorca’s world is always handy. The work of Lorca becomes a bridge, a transition between cultures, races and religions, regardless any time frame.
Once 80 years pass. Federico: This campaign identity feeds from making reference to the last work of Lorca (Once five years pass) and to the 80th anniversary of his death.
Federico name acts as a footer for each graphic piece throughout the campaign as a way to making it closer to the audience.
Herbs and green color. Its dominant value, though not unique, is to be symbols of death. Green is very present in the work of Lorca and is a main element to give homogeneity to the whole graphic design.
The Moon. It is the most frequent symbol in Lorca, meaning death sometimes, but also eroticism, fertility, sterility or beauty in other occasions.
Popular culture. Using popular Granada iconography, Lorca was always a great advocate of popular culture.
Also, images of his time and experiences, of a black & white Spain and somehow related to both the poet and the drama of refugees are used for the different pieces of this project.