Spanish Federation of Acquired Brain Damage. Seminars
Brand Identity, Print
The Spanish Federation of Acquired Brain Damage organized a series of meetings about this disease, commemorating the twentieth anniversary of its start date.
We were entrusted with the task of designing a brand identity and all the print elements with which to present the meetings and inform the participants of the contents that were to be discussed. Although, in the long period since FEDACE began its activity, in 1995, until now, many things have changed, the Federation has wanted to maintain the values that from the beginning have oriented its activity and represent its raison d’être: unity and growth.
Acknowledging this priority, we have worked closely with the Foundation to create a flexible visual identity design that faithfully shows each concept under an umbrella brand. This allowed us to generate varied compositions, as well as the transmission of the message of positivity, co-creation and future that the Federation itself embodies.