El Hans, Restaurant
Brand Identity, Ilustration, Packaging
Photography by Marietta Arco
Located in the heart of Leopoldstadt, the 2nd district of Vienna, a modern neighborhood with nostalgic air, El Hans is a restaurant with a personal style of Spanish cuisine, sourcing from a balanced mix of local products and others of the highest quality imported directly from small producers that they personally choose.
Nowadays El Hans already enjoys a huge success. We were entrusted with the important task of being in charge of designing both the restaurant identity and the packaging of their products.
Concerning the brand identity, Henriette typography was adopted according to a study on the traditional street signs and plates in Vienna carried out by Typejockeys. This way, we meant to show some respect and affinity with this city.
The Mediterranean touch comes from the products packaging; most of them being made in Spain. For each of them we found inspiration in representative buildings from the areas were the products are manufactured.