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As Juan Bordes recalls in his book “The Childhood of the Vanguards (ed. Cátedra)”, this game reflects the ideas already demonstrated by Jean Sébastien Truchet (1657- 1729), a French mathematician who applied his mathematical knowledge to typography, graphical systematization and engineering.
Modula part of two types of different pieces, combining the texture of the wood with two pairs of colors, on one side are the cubes colored in red and blue and, on the other, colored in black and yellow. In turn, each cube has five possible modes of interaction. The development of their patterns on divided faces starts from a very simple module, because it is a square divided in two colors by a diagonal which, placed in five different ways and always looked on the same side, can be considered as five squares. The first five placements of the square are designated by the letters A, B, C, D and E. These elements are the basis of a first permutations that produce multitude of different figures that are taken as new elements to combine, the number of ornamental patterns multiplies extraordinarily.