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We are Buenaventura, a graphic design studio based in Granada (Southern Spain) with focus on visual identity, packaging and editorial design We believe in simplicity, harmony and honesty in design to unveil the true essence of any product, concept or brand we may work with.

We imagine messages and communication tools that allow our clients to be better perceived in their markets, generating experiences aligned with the message that is intended to be transmitted in each case. In so doing, they shall achieve greater prestige and recognition, with the aim of increasing their commercial transactions and profitability.

In each project, not only graphic designers are involved, but also consumer behavior specialists, sales directors, market development professionals and international trade experts. This multidisciplinary approach helps to transform the artistic design into a tool to achieving tangible and measurable results.

Ramón Soler
Partner. Graphic Designer

22 years’ experience as graphic designer and creative director. Being against large cities, Ramón enjoys a happy life in a small town surrounded by rocky mountains and crossed by a winding river. He is father of two daughters, María and Salud and happily married to his first love, Inma. He volunteers to the Red Cross where he serves as President of his local branch.

Javier Zamora
Partner. Graphic Designer

Javier holds a Degree in Graphic Designed, awarded in 2016. Despite his short professional career, his life has always been linked and connected to design. Since 2005, he worked as technician at Fresneda & Zamona Architects. His fascination with graphic and industrial design, and to the ULM School in particular, pushes him to study graphic design and dedicate himself to it professionally.

Sara Ávila
Copywriter. Marketing and Consumer Behaviour.

Sara holds a Degree in Sociology by the University of Granada and soon realized of the benefits the social research techniques would bring to the business world. This led her to specializing in Marketing and Consumer Behavior.


Visual identity
Art direction

Graphin Design
Editorial projects
Signage projects
Web design

Awards, Talks

Semana del Diseño Barreira A+D
Laus Bronce. Alegato al tiempo libre
Telmö Dice 2019
Laus Oro. Literata

Offline publications

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Online publications

We have been also featured in many magazine and design blogs like Monocle, The Dieline, Communication Arts, Mindsparkle Mag, Lovely Package, Fedrigoni Club, Graffica info, World Packaging Design Society, Packaging of the world, We and the color, Typeroom, Design Playground, Experimenta, Daily Metal, Cosas visuales, Sleepydays, The Drum…