Melgarejo Clásico. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Identity, Packaging, Illustration
Photography by SHOT
It all began back in 1780 when the current Melgarejo owners’ great-great-grandfather set up a facility of 1,000 square meters and a machinery of the time, consisting of a millstone and a beam press.
Over time, those old premises led to what today is one of the most prestigious and veteran olive oil companies of the region, which produces some of the most awarded and distinctive Extra Virgin Olives Oils in the world.
Singular olive trees of different varieties, terroir, weather, altitude, only natural treatments, perfect-timing harvest, selection, care… It all helps to produce these amazing results which, of course, demanded, for each single type of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the right outfit. And here is where we show up to take on that challenge.
For Melgarejo Clásico we opted for a transparent bottle range which allows users seeing the characteristic color and texture of the oil inside.
The label would rely on a synthetic yet clean design aiming to stress originality in two ways: the product origin and its differentiation from others.
A fresh and friendly illustration inspired by the original olive trees orchards was implemented, very aligned with the raw material own identity.